Cosmic Oslo March 2016

Behind the Amusement Park – Cosmic Oslo March poster
March 2016

The best club in Norway’s capital, Cosmic Oslo, was founded in the fall 2015 by Rune Lindbæk, Helene Rickhard, Bendik Høibraaten and Helene Havro. A club focusing on alternative, diverse music and a unique club experience was long-awaited. Johan Ressle visited Cosmic Oslo in March 2016.

«The celestial vibes of cosmic disco will materialize again at Revolver on the 27th of May, where they will be presented by Stockholm’s wildest DJ, Johan Ressle. This night he will take you back in time, all the way to the garden of Eden, and hurl you back and out into outer space before you have the time to get too comfortable.»

Design in collaboration with Helene Rickhard.

Awarded with gold in Graphis Poster Annual 2018.

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